materials & care

MATERIALSsustainablility and concious consuming is an extremely vital part of crochetcookey ~ making sure that each item creates as little of a negative impact on our earth as possible.

each yarn colour option available is based on what crochetcookey has been able to source, which is usually second-hand or vintage.

crochetcookey is currently looking into working with yarn suppliers that use deadstock yarns as their supply which will eventually create a more consistent colours and a wider range of colour tones.

for commissions and colour options outside of what is available in the shop website, there will be an excess charge which will be discussed privately per order.

CARE to keep your garment in good and lasting condition please:
  1. soak in cold/lukewarm water with a small amount of laundy detergent for 1-2 hours
  2. spot clean/handwash
  3. squeeze dry inside of a towel - do not wring
  4. hang to dry or dry flat if possible.